3 Genius Ways to Use Those Leftover Hot Dog Buns

When grilling season leaves you with surplus hot dog buns, try one of these clever hot dog bun recipe ideas to get through the extras.

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When grilling season leaves you with surplus hot dog buns, try one of these clever ideas to get through the extras. Split them apart, dip them in a simple batter, and fry them to golden perfection to make French toast sticks. Puree a couple in a savory base of onions and garlic for a light and silky soup. Or just go for it: Fill them with pudding and douse them in homemade chocolate glaze—chances are you won’t miss the hot dog.

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French Toast Sticks

French Toast Sticks Recipe
Alison Miksch

This simple French toast recipe is an ingenious riff on the breakfast classic, using hot dog buns in place of regular bread. The recipe plays off the original pain perdu better than a white loaf or baguette would because old-school French toast is made with old brioche, which is an egg-enriched dough—just like hot dog buns.

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Garlic Bread Soup

Garlic Bread Soup Recipe
Alison Miksch

What more convincing do you need than hearing the words “garlic” and “bread” in a soup recipe? It’s essentially garlic bread heaven turned into a creamy, velvety soup. Round this out into an entire meal with a pepper green salad and toasted bread for dunking. Plus, a crisp white wine alongside would pair beautifully.

Get the recipe: Garlic Bread Soup

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Hot Dog Bun Éclairs

Hot Dog Bun Éclairs Recipe
Alison Miksch

These éclair-inspired treats come together in just 15 minutes, thanks to simple store-bought ingredients like hotdog buns and readymade pudding. The result is a smart take on the bakery classic—hot dog buns are stuffed with vanilla pudding and then topped with a quick chocolately icing. With a little supervision, this is perfect hands-on project for kids.

Get the recipe: Hot Dog Bun Éclairs

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