3 Surprising Ways to Use Horseradish

Dab it on oysters, stir it into Bloody Marys, or try adding a little zip to dips, marinades, and DIY pickles.

The most common way you’ll find this woody, eye-watering root is in a jar—a good thing. While freshly grated horseradish is extremely spicy, prepared contains vinegar, which counteracts the heat. Look for it in the refrigerated section of the supermarket (ingredients are often just horseradish, vinegar, and salt), as shelf-stable options are typically full of preservatives.


Creamy Lemon Horseradish Dip

Photo by Grace Elkus

Sure, this dip tastes great with crudité. But we also love it slathered onto bread, topped with thinly sliced beef and a handful of fresh arugula. Don’t skimp on any of the ingredients—buttermilk and lemon juice add tang, while chives lend a subtle onion flavor. Finish with freshly ground black pepper.

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Horseradish-Crusted Beef Tenderloin

Photo by Grace Elkus

This flavorful rub comes together in minutes, and provides a crisp, spicy crust for the juicy piece of meat. The horseradish flavor is pronounced, but isn’t overpowering. Serve as a main dish for dinner, or pack it for lunch as a sammie on a crusty, chewy roll.

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Quick-Pickled Horseradish Beets

Photo by Grace Elkus

This heat-free, hands-off pickling method is simply genius. Toss thinly sliced beets with sugar, horseradish, and salt, then let stand to infuse the beets with flavor. After about a half an hour, rinse and drain the beets, then enjoy them on a salad, on a charcuterie platter, or with cured salmon.

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