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Jane Goodall's Cauliflower Pumpkin Seed Tacos

This vibrant—and completely plant-based—recipe packs protein, fiber, and tons of delicious flavor.

How to Cook Those Viral Egg and Potato Stuffed Peppers to Perfection

According to Suzy Karadsheh, recipe developer and blogger behind The Mediterranean Dish, this is the best method for making this buzzy (and super healthy) breakfast recipe.

Cheesy Baked Ravioli and Romaine Salad

This crowd-pleasing dinner balances decadent pasta with a bright and tangy salad. 

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Creamy Walnut Pasta

Rating: 4 stars

This dish brings restaurant-worthy elegance to your stovetop, thanks to a luscious walnut sauce and smart cooking strategy. Soaking bread in milk until soft adds surprising body to the sauce, which includes toasted walnuts, salty Parmesan, and just enough tart lemon juice to balance out the richness. Finished with more walnuts and thyme leaves, the result is hearty, comforting, and original. The recipe serves four, but a hungry duo wouldn’t be hard pressed to polish off the entire batch. Serve with a light, peppery red wine like Pinot Noir or an acidic white like Gruner Veltliner.