3 Delicious Recipes Using Almond Flour

It’s the ultimate go-to for cooks avoiding gluten, but this wonder ingredient—which really is just finely ground blanched almonds—belongs in everyone’s pantry.

Almond flour recipes
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As a replacement for all-purpose flour, almond flour adds a subtle nuttiness and a hit of fiber to muffins and pancakes. If you pair it with coconut (in a macaroon cake, for example), it becomes irresistibly chewy. It’s also a creative coating for fish fillets and chicken. Store it in the fridge—that is, during those rare moments you’re not using it.

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Carrot Muffins

Almond Flour Recipes: Carrot Muffins
Jennifer Causey

Carrot cake meets muffins in this tasty, one-bowl recipe. The muffins rely on almond flour for their dense crumb (which also happens to mean they’re gluten-free), and the shredded carrot adds extra moisture.

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Macaroon Cake

Almond Flour Recipes: Macaroon Cake
Jennifer Causey

Chewy coconut macaroons meet a classic almond cake in this simple recipe. It’s perfect for Passover, gluten-free gatherings, or anytime you need a simple, delicious recipe for dessert. Seriously, it only requires six pantry staples to get to this golden brown perfection.

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Crispy Fish Fillets

Almond Flour Recipes: Gluten-Free Crispy Fish Fillets
Jennifer Causey

Nuts add flavor, texture, and extra nutrition to these simple fish filets, which will please kids and parents alike. You’ll stir together almond flour with chili powder to infuse the crust with quick flavor, and then use it to create a crispy crust.

Recipes by Anna Theoktisto

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