One tiny can of chopped green chiles can add big flavor to everything from eggs to salsa.

By Dawn Perry
September 25, 2019
Corey Olsen

Since they’re made from mild Anaheim peppers that are already roasted, seeded, and peeled, canned green chiles deliver a mellow kick at a moment’s notice. Combine a can with melted butter and douse a sturdy loaf for irresistible pull-apart bread. Fold them into cornmeal batter and fry up tender golden fritters. Or mash a can with egg yolks, mayo, and seasoning for a picante take on deviled eggs.

Jennifer Causey

Cheesy Chile Pull-Apart Bread

Whoever invented pull-apart bread should be awarded a medal. The genius is in the cross-hatch slicing method, which allows you to tuck cheese and other fillings into every bite so that there’s no fighting over the good bits. Here, those “good bits” include a green chile and garlic butter, plus an exceptional amount of spicy pepper Jack cheese.

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Jennifer Causey

Chile Corn Fritters

These corn fritters have a tender buttermilk crumb that’s spiked with hot green chiles and sweet corn kernels. You might know these deep-fried nuggets of deliciousness as hush puppies, but whatever you call them, one thing is the same: they’ll be gobbled up fast from the fryer.

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Jennifer Causey

Green Chile Deviled Eggs

It’s hard to improve on a classic deviled egg, but here’s proof that it’s possible. A can of diced green chiles livens up the yolk mixture with just the right amount of spice, while cumin and cilantro add a hint of delicious, Southwestern flavors.

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