When it’s too hot to cook, don’t. Assemble one (or all!) of these four stunning platters instead—they’re elegant enough for entertaining but breezy enough for a lazy weekend.

By Sarah Copeland and Betty Gold
July 24, 2019
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Victor Protasio

Without all the rigorous prep work (and mountain of dishes), you’ll have plenty time for what really matters in peak summer: spending your own party poolside, drink in hand, surrounded by friends and family.

Everything Lox Lunch


Bagels are the ultimate crowd-pleasing brunch food. Pick up a dozen at your favorite local bakery before plating them open-faced with layers of lox and cream cheese. Then, give your bagels an easy upgrade by topping each with a spoonful of our homemade caper-raisin vinaigrette and quick-picked cilantro red onions.

Hungarian Snacking Tray


  • Dried sausages
  • Cheese
  • Plums & cherries
  • Sweet & savory pastries
  • Beet-Pickled Eggs
  • Crunchy vegetables
  • Crackers

As pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palette, this Hungarian-themed platter packs sweet and savory pastries, sliced sausages, crunchy crudités and crackers, cheese, and bright pink beet-pickled eggs.

Sunday-Night Dinner


Is there anything better than assembling a beautiful cheese and charcuterie board and calling it dinner? The combination of fresh melon, toasted nuts, salty prosciutto, and olives will have you wondering why this hasn’t a standing Sunday night supper forever. Our dreamy-creamy ricotta dip recipe takes just ten minutes, which means you’ll have plenty of time to cue up your favorite flick.

The Best White-Bread Sandwich


August is peak time for farm-fresh tomatoes, which is why we made them the star of these beautiful slices of crusty bread. For a wow-worthy sandwich spread, whip up these easy recipes for cumin and coriander seed honey and herbed crème fraîche—they’ll elevate the sweet-and-savory flavors of your heirloom tomatoes even more.

Platter assembly and recipes by Sarah Copeland, author of Every Day Is Saturday ($19; amazon.com). Photos by Victor Protasio, food styling by Chelsea Zimmer, and prop styling by Audrey Davis.