By Real Simple Editors
January 31, 2019

You’ve seen them as a starring co-star getting cozy with marshmallows and chocolate in the camp-side favorite, s’mores. You might’ve crushed them in the past to hold up a creamy pie filling and make a pie shell, or maybe you’ve used graham crackers as a tasty base for nut butters as a simple snack. But certainly, you haven’t tried using graham crackers in easy, new, and clever ways—yet.

Graham crackers can make a tasty coating for chicken tenders, become the pièce de résistance in these no-bake snack bars, and form the layers in a new kind of icebox cake. That little box hanging out in the pantry can be all these things!

And what are graham crackers made of, anyway? Subtly sweet and nutty graham crackers are made from whole-wheat graham flour. It’s a bit coarser than the regular grind and the cracker is usually sweetened with honey. Now you know, graham crackers can do way more than sandwich chocolate and marshmallows. With range like this, you’d better buy an extra box.

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