Pencil these naturally (delicious!) gluten-free sweets in for all your summer soirées.

By Dawn Perry
May 30, 2018

Fun fact about me: Ina Garten was the person who suggested I get into food editorial (that’s what you call this kind of job that I do at Real Simple). Long story short, a friend of a friend set me up with Ina for a coffee date at her house in East Hampton (at the time, I was working as a private chef nearby). We’d had a big thunderstorm and the power went out, but I showed up anyway. We drank tap water and I tried to play it cool as I sweated buckets while she was warm and gracious and exactly the type of fairy food godmother you envision her to be.

You can imagine my love for Ina runs deep. So when she tells me to “make a gluten-free dessert no one will know is gluten-free,” I say, “Great idea, Ina.”

Summer is, in my mind, the easiest season to entertain, even for friends and family who eschew gluten. Open a couple bottles of cold rosé, drizzle some sliced tomatoes with olive oil, and throw a salt-and-peppered steak on the grill. And for dessert? Try one of these gluten-free numbers—they're so satisfying, gluten lovers won't be the wiser. 

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