Easy Chocolate Recipes

So simple you can make them for breakfast. 


Chocolate Granola

Photo by Alison Miksch

This batch of chocolate granola is so good you’ll forget about your favorite cocoa-flavored kid cereal. Note: we still highly recommend drinking that chocolatey milk when you’re finished.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Granola


Chocolate-Chocolate Chunk Muffins

Photo by Alison Miksch

Here’s a tip to figure out how long you can keep a cake or muffin before it starts to dry out: look at the fat content. These are made with butter so they should hold nicely, tightly wrapped at room temperature, for about 4 days.

Get the recipe: Chocolate-Chocolate Chunk Muffins


Chocolate-Chocolate Whoopie Pies

Photo by Alison Miksch

It’s best to make these on a full stomach. Otherwise you might lick the bowls clean before you finish assembling. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Get the recipe: Chocolate-Chocolate Whoopie Pies


Triple Chocolate Cookies

Photo by Alison Miksch

Sneak a couple of these into your favorite kiddo’s lunchbox with a thermos of cold milk  and a note for the ultimate brown-bag dessert.

Get the recipe: Triple Chocolate Cookies


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Photo by Alison Miksch

Did you know you can freeze homemade pancakes for later? Let them cool completely on a wire rack, then stack them between sheets of wax or parchment paper and zip up in a resealable plastic bag. Pop one in the toaster and smear with more peanut butter for a decadent grab-and-go breakfast.

Get the recipe: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Fudgy Hand Pies

Photo by Alison Miksch

These have “Bake Sale” written all over them. Well, not literally, but if you let your glaze set up just slightly before drizzling, you can actually write with it. Try decorating the hand pies with the initials of each kid in the class.

Get the recipe: Fudgy Hand Pies