Easter Candy Recipes to Use Up All Those Leftovers

Peeps, Reese’s Eggs, and even chocolate bunnies are folded, dipped, and sprinkled into these festive desserts.


Almond Shortbread Dipped in Melted Chocolate Bunnies

Photo by Grace Elkus

While it’s always fun to find a chocolate bunny nestled in your basket, they’re often too large to eat in one sitting. Instead, melt them down into a creamy chocolate dip, which pairs impeccably with buttery almond shortbread.

Get the recipe: Almond Shortbread Dipped in Melted Chocolate Bunnies


Brown Butter Peeps Marshmallow Treats

Photo by Grace Elkus

Don’t let those pesky Peeps sit around and get stale. Melting them with sea salt and brown butter gives these treats a nutty, caramelized flavor. Use pink and blue Peeps to achieve the purple hue.

Get the recipe: Brown Butter Peeps Marshmallow Treats


Toasted Coconut Cadbury Egg Brownies

Photo by Grace Elkus

With their crisp outer shell and solid chocolate interior, Cadbury Mini Eggs are a popular Easter treat. These brownies feature them in two delicious ways—folded into the batter and sprinkled over top.

Get the recipe: Toasted Coconut Cadbury Egg Brownies


Jelly Bean Meringues With Whipped Cream

Photo by Grace Elkus

Folding a handful of jelly beans into light and fluffy meringue is the perfect way to use any extras. Lightly sweetened whipped cream holds the sandwiches together.

Get the recipe: Jelly Bean Meringues With Whipped Cream


Peanut Butter Cookies With Reese’s Eggs

Photo by Grace Elkus

The only thing better than a bag of Reese’s Eggs? A big batch of cookies with the candy packed inside. And don’t worry about having to measure the sticky peanut butter. These soft, mounded cookies require a full jar.

Get the recipe: Peanut Butter Cookies With Reese’s Eggs