All you need is a knife and a serving platter!

What’s better than waking up to news that Trader Joe’s just launched a new line of cookies? …We’ll wait.

This week, TJ’s rolled out their brand new line of Benne Wafer Cookies. Brace yourself: these bite-sized, ready-to-eat, sweet-and-salty snacks are dangerously addictive. Benne wafers are a unique variety of crispy cookie made from sesame seeds native to the “low country” of South Carolina. They’re ethereally light in texture and baked until golden brown. Benne wafers bare a sweet, nutty, maple-y flavor and candied-like crispness. Trader Joe’s uses a supplier in Savannah, Georgia, so you can count on an old-fashioned authentic recipe that incorporates wheat flour with toasted sesame.

Not that you need to add anything to these divine little discs. However, if you’ve got guests over and want to whip up a delicious dessert at lightening speed, these are the treat for the job. To make a crave-worthy platter of pretty sandwich cookies, simply spread your favorite type of nut butter on the flat side of a Benne Wafer and seal the deal with a second cookie on top. Then repeat with another style of nut butter or spreadable snack (jelly, icing, and so on). Varying the filling on these—we love peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate hazelnut spread, strawberry jam, cream cheese, cake frosting, and tahini—will add a variety of colors and fun flavors to your party platter. It takes zero time and energy to make them but the impressive array of fillings will add to the awe-factor of your fuss-free (read: lazy) dessert.

Ready to really kick it up a notch? You can roll the bite-sized sandwich treats in another topping once they’re filled. Think: sprinkles, crushed nuts, melted chocolate, and more.

Here are a few of our favorite flavor combinations to put this two-minute dessert trick to use:

- Apple butter inside with cinnamon sprinkled on top

- Chocolate hazelnut spread filling, rolled in coconut flakes

- Grape or strawberry jelly inside with crushed peanuts outside

- Cream cheese filling coated in toasted sesame seeds

- Speculoos spread inside, all dipped in melted dark chocolate

- Cashew butter filling, roll in coconut flakes and add a sprinkle of nutmeg

- Birthday cake icing with rainbow sprinkles

- Tahini and za’atar (for a savory spin)

You’ll find the seven-ounce bags (each containing about 77 cookies) in Trader Joe’s stores for $3.29.