Bake something sweet without turning on your oven.

If you need a potluck dessert for an 80-degree day, the last thing you want to do is deal with a hot oven. So on this week's "Things Cooks Know," hosts Sarah Humphreys and Sarah Karnasiewicz share some of their favorite no-bake desserts for you to try (recipes included!)

Panna Cotta: This is a basic, homemade pudding made with cream and gelatin, and you can add sweeteners and spices to flavor the dessert. Serving tip: You can improvise with how much gelatin you use based on the consistency—less will make it a looser pudding, more gelatin will make it a firmer dessert. Try this Rose Panna Cotta With Honeyed Apricots. 

Granita: "This is so easy to make it's almost stupid," jokes Karnasiewicz. Similar to a slushie, just make a base liquid, freeze it, and scrape away at it to give the right texture. This is also a great dessert to use leftover wine—and you can mix up your wine varieties! Combine red, white, and rosé—you certainly don't have to, but it's a good way to problem solve if you don't have enough of one type of wine. Try this Strawberry Basil Granita or Pomegranate Rose Granita.

​Icebox Cakes: With a few store bought ingredients and a loaf pan, you can make an amazing summer birthday treat in minutes (just make sure you leave time to freeze overnight). Try this super easy ice cream cake or our Chocolate Ice Box Cake

Plus, if you've always wanted to make your own ice cream, but were too intimidated by the process, Karnasiewicz has easy, approachable ways to give it a try. Listen to the full episode below for must-know cooking tips and tricks, and don't forget to subscribe to the show in iTunes!

(Bonus no-bake dessert for adults only: Try these awesome boozy popsicles!)