It’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

By Grace Elkus
March 01, 2017

Considering their new line of affogatos and secret menu of rainbow drinks, we know Starbucks is never one to fall behind a trend. Most recently, they’ve turned their focus to cookie butter, the rich and creamy spread (with a loyal cult following) made from Speculoos cookie crumbs.

Before we dive into the new bakery treat, let’s take a look at where this trend originated. Most people likely had their first taste of Speculoos on an airplane, via Delta’s free in-flight Biscoff cookies. (Biscoff is a type of Speculoos, which is the generic name of the crisp spice cookies from Belgium). Biscoff was the first brand to introduce Speculoos spread to America, which quickly rose in popularity when Ben & Jerry’s used it in their Spectacular Speculoos ice cream (which features a cookie butter core). Of course, as soon as Trader Joe’s began selling their own line of cookie butter, the trend skyrocketed.

Starbucks’ new dessert, which clocks in at 360 calories, features Speculoos in three delicious ways. The crust is made with crushed cookies, which is then spread with a layer of creamy Speculoos butter. The butter is topped with a vanilla icing, and finished with a sprinkling of crushed Speculoos cookies. Basically, if you love cookie butter, there’s no way you couldn’t enjoy this treat.

We tried it, and the staff unanimously had rave reviews. Our only complaint? It’s not super sturdy (making it hard to divvy up into pieces)—but that just means you’ll have to keep it all to yourself. Oh, and if you’re interested in making your own cookie crust, try our Ginger-Pumpkin Mini Pies With With Speculoos Crust and Whipped Cream.