It’s a delightful combination of summer’s two best treats.

By Grace Elkus
June 23, 2017
Smitten Ice Cream

Though there are few things we love more than a glass of chilled rosé come summertime, some rosé creations have gone too far (we’re looking at you, rosé deodorant). But when rosé ice cream landed on our desks, we quickly fell in love with the creamy treat.

The trendy flavor, called Sonoma Rosé, is made by California-based Smitten Ice Cream in partnership with Scribe Winery. The ice cream is made with the winery’s Una Lou Rosé, a canned rosé made with Pinot Noir grapes grown in Sonoma County. Scribe describes the wine as featuring notes of wild strawberry, grapefruit pith, and salt. The ice cream has an ABV of 3.5%.

Sonoma Rosé launched today at Smitten’s Mission location on Valencia Street. It will expand to their other locations in the coming weeks, and will soon be available for nationwide shipment via Goldbely. Anyone in the California area can also find scoops at Smorgasburg LA, or on the menu at Petit Marlowe in San Francisco.

We found the rosé flavor to be pleasantly detectable, but not overpowering, and we appreciated that Smitten didn’t mess too much with their signature creamy base. It’s a fun dessert to serve at summer parties, or simply a refreshing scoop after a long, hot summer day. We might even try making a rosé float: a scoop of rosé ice cream, a splash of "pink water" and a topper of seltzer. Serve with spoons and/or straws. 

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