We’ll take three scoops of each, please. 

By Grace Elkus
Updated July 15, 2016

In celebration of National Ice Cream Month in July, Blue Bell added a brand-new flavor to their lineup (not without teasing us first, though). It’s called Cookie Two Step, and it’s a jam-packed combo of cookies and cream and cookie dough (two of their top-selling favorites), with a hint of brown sugar swirled into the vanilla ice cream base. But with the whole month devoted to ice cream—and National Ice Cream Day approaching on June 17—we didn't just stop at trying one new flavor. Below, four more flavors we’ll be scooping all summer.

Ben and Jerry’s Non-Dairy P.B. & Cookies: Think of this as your favorite Parent Trap treat, transformed into a deliciously creamy pint of ice cream. It’s part of the Vermont-based company's new non-dairy line (made with almond milk instead of cream), making this a treat even the lactose-averse can enjoy.

Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Tangerine and Shortbread: One of seven new flavors in Haagen Dazs' new Destination Series (which features flavors from around the globe), this U.K.-inspired treat has swirls of tangerine curd and chunks of buttery shortbread cookies. It’s pretty much impossible to stop at one bite.

Talenti Wild Blackberry Gelato: Every time we take a bite of Talenti, we begin to question why we ever choose ice cream over gelato. This new flavor is no exception: it packs a double-punch of blackberry with its blackberry base and crushed blackberry swirl. We suggest serving scoops atop fruit crumbles, buckles, and pies.

Breyers Ice Cream Cake: To celebrate their 150th birthday, Breyers introduced new flavors and snack cups. The obvious favorite of the bunch? Ice Cream Cake, in which chocolate ice cream filled with chocolatey crunches is sandwiched between two layers of vanilla. Now that’s a flavor worth celebrating.