It’s time to dust off your mini muffin tin and put it to use—no muffin mix necessary.

The often-overlooked tin is perfect for bite-sized indulgences, which is why we’ve come up with three tasty mini-muffin-sized treats. The peanut butter cups couldn’t be easier—in fact, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t made them at home before. For a layered look, spread the peanut butter to the edges of the chocolate before pouring the top layer of chocolate on top so it peaks out of the sides. Once frozen, they’ll pop out easily from a silicone muffin tin. If you’re working with a metal one, run a sharp knife around the edges and they'll come right out. Feel free to make these with your favorite type of chocolate, whether that’s dark, semi-sweet, milk, or even white.

The mini s’mores cups are great for parties, and are the perfect way to enjoy s’mores sans fire pit. The graham-flavored cookie is stuffed with a melted marshmallow and a bit of milk chocolate, so they taste just like the classic campfire dessert. (If you don’t want to share, we won’t tell). Lastly, we came up with a mini ice cream bar, complete with crispy chocolate magic shell and a variety of toppings (you won't even need a recipe for these). Feel free to use any flavor ice cream you want, and any type of chocolate will work for the magic shell, too. Dip, top and return to the freezer, or devour immediately.

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