Basically the most important day of the year!
Ben and Jerry’s Cone
Credit: Ben and Jerry’s

Since 1971, Ben & Jerry's has been celebrating its customers in the best way possible: with a free ice cream cone. What started as a small gesture of appreciation in their first Vermont location has turned into a global holiday, with more than one million cones given away every year. Although the date has changed throughout the ice cream company's history, the holiday is now officially celebrated on April 12, when every Scoop Shop gives away a free cone to customers—rain or shine. Great news, considering this month has seen its fair share of April showers.

How can you celebrate? It's easy. Head to a local Ben & Jerry's (and bring a book, because lines will be long). Then, order a cone of either your favorite flavor, or a new one you've been dying to try. Final step: Enjoy!

If you want to do a little good while enjoying your cone, choose one of the flavors that gives back to the community. Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Half Baked use brownies from Yonkers' Greyston Bakery, a social business that provides jobs and training to people unable to find a job. Proceeds from the infamous Phish Food flavor help support Phish's Waterwheel Foundation, aimed at cleaning up Lake Champlain in Vermont.

Find a Scoop Shop near you to start celebrating immediately.