It might just be our favorite flavor yet. 

By Grace Elkus
Updated May 07, 2017

Summer hasn’t even officially begun, but the team at the Oreo Wonder Vault (where new flavors are created) is ready to celebrate the 4th of July. The latest creation to come from the vault is Firework Oreo cookies, featuring a popping candy crème sandwiched between two chocolate cookie wafers. The treat is rolling out in grocery stores nationwide today, May 8th. Each package will be sold for $4.49.

Real Simple staffers who tasted the cookies were pleasantly surprised. While some Limited Edition flavors have either totally confused us (Cookies and Crème, anyone?) or tasted artificial (such as the crazy Swedish Fish concoction), the new treat tastes just like the classic cookie. The only difference? The fun popping sensation that accompanies every bite. It’s like taking a bite of an Oreo and then swallowing some Pop Rocks—AKA enjoying two childhood favorites at once.

The fizzing sensation begins gradually, but continues for a few minutes after you’ve finished the cookie. They’re a festive way to celebrate July 4th, especially if you’re looking for an easy crowd-pleasing dessert.

Rumors of the flavor began swirling in February, when Instagram account @thejunkfoodaisle posted a photo of the packaging. Now that it's confirmed, we're excited to stock up. But if you think your idea for a new flavor beats out Firework, now’s your chance to tell the Wonder Vault. Oreo’s first ever #MyOreoCreation contest launches today, which invites fans to tell the company what they want as the next flavor. In addition to their flavor rolling out on shelves in 2018, the winner will also receive $500,000 and VIP Oreo access to prototypes and upcoming releases. To enter, fans can submit their idea using #MyOreoCreation and #Contest on Instagram or Twitter.