Yes, Donut Ice Cream Cones Are a Thing

And they look as good they sound. 

Thought the cronut was crazy? Prepare to be amazed. Donut ice cream cones exist—and we're seriously drooling.

The over-the-top treats are being sold at Good Food Coffee and Bakery in Prague, and though they've recently blown up on Instagram, the recipe itself is actually based on a centuries-old pastry called the trdelník. The recipe begins with a sweet, yeasted dough, which is then wrapped around a tube, grilled, and sprinkled with sugar and walnuts.

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Because the tube of grilled dough is hollow, the possibilities on how to fill it are endless. The obvious first step? Coat the inside with Nutella.

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From there, you can top with whipped cream and strawberries—or try the strudel-inspired combination, which involves apples, walnuts, and raisins. We're particularly interested in a giant swirl of soft serve, which sounds delightfully refreshing when paired with the warm, sugary "cone."

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We're guessing it's only a matter of time before they're available worldwide—but in the meantime, you'll find us piping ice cream into our delicious donut recipe.

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