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Pine Nut Cookies (Pignoli)

There’s no prettier cookie to serve at tea time then these pignoli studded bites. The addition of almond paste makes for an incredibly tender, moist dough while a bit of finely grated orange zest cuts through the richness of the nuts. Because they use powdered sugar, instead of granulated, these cookies really do melt in your mouth. Be careful when shopping for almond paste that you don’t accidentally pick up marzipan (often sold right next to one another). While they are made of the same ingredients—ground almonds, sugar, and some sort of binder like corn syrup or egg whites—almond paste is less sweet and more coarsely ground.

Pour-Over Sugar Cookie Icing

We love a meticulously decorated holiday cookie as much as the next gal but sometimes (all of the time?) we just don’t have the time. So we developed the easiest icing yet, no careful dipping and drying required. Instead, you just whip up a batch of this one bowl icing, pour it over your cookies, e voila! For ultimate success, line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment or aluminum foil (for easy cleanup) and set a rack inside of it. Arrange your cookies on the rack about 2 inches apart so they have plenty of room to dry without sticking together.

Neopolitan Butter Cookies

These layered cookies are easier to make than you might think. All three doughs are whizzed up right in the food processor so there’s only one bowl to clean. The dough is then pressed and stacked in a regular 8x8-inch baking dish before chilling, slicing and baking. You can make the dough and press it in the baking dish up to 3 days ahead. Fun fact: Some of our tasters swore the pink layer tasted like strawberry just because it was pink! We think they’re extra pretty with a pink layer but you can use your favorite colors to give these their own unique personality.