These lightened-up desserts don't skimp on flavor.

By Emma Crist

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I love dessert.

I repeat: I. LOVE. DESSERT.

Most of the recipes I’ve developed since working at MyRecipes have been in the sweets category–and although I am progressively becoming a better and stronger cook, baking was my first love, and I will always be drawn to that sugary satisfaction. Maybe it’s because my mom raised me in the kitchen where I worked alongside her every holiday (and special occasion day in between) whipping up pies, cakes, cookies, and the like.

However, I’m also a big runner and love to workout, which has inevitably made me more and more health-conscious over the past several years. I try to eat clean as much as I can, and while I’m definitely prone to indulge at times, eating whole foods on a daily basis is absolutely vital for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Working alongside the good people at Cooking Light on a daily basis has only increased my appetite for healthy foods and inspired me by proving that I can satisfy my sweet tooth without eating desserts that are loaded with processed sugar, dyes, and additives.

My current obsession? 2-Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies. You’ve gotta get on this train.

Here are 10 other clean-eating desserts that you can dive into without the inevitable post-dessert guilt.

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