Flat out stunning desserts.

By Grace Elkus
Updated May 11, 2017
Ian O'Leary/Getty Images

Though they’re often more aspirational than they are attainable, elaborately decorated cakes have a way of exciting everyone on the Internet. We’ll admit that we, too, have spent a few too many hours watching oddly satisfying cake decorating videos (we still can’t get over that gorgeous golden honeycomb). We’ve even tried our hand at a few out-there cake techniques, such as those involved in the three-layer Impossible Cake and the chocolate flan-like Magic Cake.

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The latest cake decorating trend to take the Internet by storm? Brushstroke cakes, made popular by Moscow bakery Kalabasa. The bakery actually refers to the cakes as “feather” cakes, but the rest of the Internet seems to have latched onto the term brushstroke. Whatever you call it, the colorful garnish is created by placing pieces of chocolate (shaped like brushstrokes) onto a layer cake. The dessert is finished with drizzles of chocolate, or lightly airbrushed to give it a shiny finish.

Though the bakery also offers elaborate eclairs, homemade marshmallows, fruit-topped meringues, and more, it's their brushstroke cakes that have truly taken off. Color palettes range from muted, such as light pink and turquoise, to more dramatic, featuring bright blues, oranges and greens. See below for some of our favorite pieces. If you like these, check out our round-up of stunning succulent cakes.