Lemme upgrade you?

By Betty Gold
Updated August 08, 2019
We Found the Secret to Making Perfect S'Mores (Spoiler Alert: It's Super Strange)
Credit: Getty Images

Jab a stick into a marshmallow and roast it, right? Nah, man.

S’mores are an art form, and making them is a sacred ceremonial ritual we’ll be practicing—and perfecting—forever. Toasted marshmallows plus melted chocolate smushed between two crispy-crunchy graham crackers = what every August should taste like. (Saturday is National S'mores Day, after all.)

But speaking of perfecting, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a top-notch s’more over the years. The best, most effective tip to make the most beautifully charred marshmallow? Double up on skewers.

This helps your marshmallow roast uniformly: because it’ll be evenly balanced between the two sticks, the marshmallow won’t be able to rotate over the flame on its own. Keeping your distance from the fire is obviously one of the most important safety steps when making s’mores, and adding a second skewer helps distribute and stabilize the weight of your marshmallow. This is especially true if your sticks are lengthy, which is also highly encouraged. This way, whether you like them barely browned or fully on fire, you can maintain the necessary amount of marshmallow control from afar.

Now that you’ve nailed the perfect cooking technique, here are a few fun ways to upgrade your s’mores.

Make them into ice cream cones. Drop a spoonful of ice cream into the inside of an ice cream cone, then add chocolate, and finish with your melted marshmallow. The combination of hot, cold, creamy, and crunchy will leave you shook.

Add chocolate to the inside of the marshmallow before you roast it. Rolos, Fun Size Twix bars, Hershey Kisses, and Kit-Kats are all solid contenders here.

Add fresh strawberry or banana slices. It’s basically a health food now.

Make a s’mores milkshake. In which all your regular s’mores ingredients, plus a scoop of ice cream or milk, get tossed in the blender. And topped with mini marshmallows. And caramel.

Spread on a shmear of peanut butter. Who doesn’t like sweet and salty?

Cookies instead of graham crackers. We said it, but we know you were thinking it.