The secret to these cookies is genius.

By Grace Elkus
Updated March 22, 2017
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Credit: NightAndDayImages/Getty Images

With so many bakeries and dessert shops across the country, it’s a big deal when one cookie stands out as “the best.” But that’s exactly what the treats at Ben’s Cookies, a bakeshop that originated in London and just recently debuted stateside, have been called.

It’s no secret what makes the cookies so popular. Instead of chips, each cookie is studded with giant chocolate chunks (likely about 5 times as large as a typical chocolate chip), resulting in a cookie filled with swirls of warm, melty chocolate. The cookie dough itself is simple and straightforward—a mix of unsalted butter, wheat flour, cane sugar, and fresh eggs—which allows the chocolate to shine. Fifteen of their 20 flavors feature the chocolate chunks, from Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter to Ginger and Dark Chocolate. True chocoholics will want to opt for the Triple Chocolate flavor, which is made with dark, milk, and white chocolate chunks.

The first U.S. location just opened in New York City—but we’re hoping they expand to more states soon. And though you could ask a friend in the city to ship you a box of cookies (the company says the treats can be frozen and eaten at a later date), we know you can easily re-create them at home.

Begin with our basic chocolate chip cookie dough (we’ve made this one a lot, and we know it’s foolproof). But instead of folding in semisweet chocolate chips, throw in quarter-size disks of chocolate instead. We like the Valrhona 64% feves, which you can buy on Amazon or in many Whole Foods stores. Because the disks are flat and melt beautifully, they disperse throughout the dough in layers, so that every bite is filled with chocolate. Happy baking!

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