Everything you need to plan the next bake sale for your child's school or organization.

Little girl with cupcakes
Credit: Brooke Slezak

Three Weeks Before

  • If you don’t already have one in mind, select a charity to donate your earnings to.
  • Solicit volunteers by posting sign-up sheets, sending e-mails, or making phone calls.
  • Contact local bakeries to ask for donations.

A Week Before

  • Hang brightly colored signs in high-traffic areas around the venue to tout the sale.
  • Review the list of volunteers, then see what they are planning to donate and what holes need to be filled.
  • Take your kids shopping for ingredients or party supplies.
  • Bake anything that can last a long time if frozen or stored properly, such as banana-nut bread or peppermint bark.
  • Call or e-mail your volunteers to remind them when to drop off their goodies or arrive for their shift.

The Day Before

  • Bake whatever you’re donating.
  • Be home to receive donations from your volunteers.
  • Host a packaging committee to wrap everything in cellophane or plastic bags, tie them with ribbon, and label the ingredients.
  • Load your car with the necessary supplies.

The Day Of

  • Arrive early to set up and receive baked goods.
  • Hang signs reminding potential buyers of the event.
  • Restock the trays throughout the day.
  • Hide the checks and cash in a safe place as they pile up.

After the Sale

  • Clean up and pack away any leftovers to be donated.
  • Drop off or send the money to your chosen charity.
  • Contact your volunteers to share how much you raised, and thank them for their participation.

Bake-sale goodies that are bound to be best sellers: