6 Recipes That Start With a Can of Crescent Roll Dough

We’ve completely transformed the grocery store staple into creative sweet and savory recipes.


Brownie Batter Babka Bites

Photo by Brie Passano

By essentially making brownie batter without the eggs and flour, we figured out how to incorporate that rich, fudgy brownie flavor into an assortment of other desserts. Our favorite? These babka bites, which are perfectly portioned so you don’t have to share.

Get the recipe: Brownie Batter Babka Bites


Dried Plum and Ginger Turnovers With Brown Butter Cream Cheese Glaze

Photo by Brie Passano

Think of these as homemade toaster strudels—but not as cloyingly sweet. The dried plum filling is flavored with fresh ginger and lemon zest for a fruity, spiced dessert. Browning the butter used in the glaze adds a nuttiness that’s truly irresistible.

Get the recipe: Dried Plum and Ginger Turnovers With Brown Butter Cream Cheese Glaze


Apple Coffee Cake Twist With Giant Crumbs

Photo by Brie Passano

Slice into this gorgeous, golden twist and you’ll find warmly-spiced apples and toasted pecans nestled inside. The best part, of course, are the oversized crumbs—a simple mixture of brown sugar, spices, melted butter, and flour. Serve with coffee for brunch, or with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Get the recipe: Apple Coffee Cake Twist With Giant Crumbs


Spinach Feta Skillet Dip

Photo by Brie Passano

Forget about two different vessels for bread and dip. We surrounded a cheesy spinach dip with balls of crescent roll dough for a genius one-pan appetizer. As the dip bubbles and warms, the dough puffs and bakes into golden-brown rolls. Serve straight from the skillet.

Get the recipe: Spinach Feta Skillet Dip


Kabocha Squash Sticky Buns

Photo by Brie Passano

These unique sticky buns feature a layer of creamy kabocha squash and toasted pepitas, flavored with brown sugar and maple syrup. But to keep them on the savory side, we brushed the crescent roll dough before rolling with fresh thyme and olive oil. Served warm and topped with flaky salt, this will be the brunch dish your family will talk about for years to come.

Get the recipe: Kabocha Squash Sticky Buns


Savory Beet Hamantashen

Photo by Brie Passano

When coated in crunchy sesame and poppy seeds, crescent roll dough becomes a delicious savory cookie base for hamantashen. We replaced the jam with pureed beets, keeping the classic pink hue but totally changing up the flavors. Serve side-by-side with traditional hamantaschen for a fun sweet-and-savory spread.

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