Yes, it’s the key to perfect iced coffee. But we love adding the caffeine-packed concentrate to our smoothies and desserts, too.

Greg DuPree

Cold-brew concentrate couldn’t be easier to make—you’ll simply stir together ground coffee beans and water and steep overnight. The result is a very strong concentrate, which most often gets diluted with water to create the perfect iced coffee. What we love about making the concentrate ourselves is that you can control the flavor (mix and match your own beans to make a flavor you love) as well as the strength (dilute with less water for a stronger iced coffee). But we also love its versatility, as displayed in the recipes below.

Caitlin Bensel


In classic tiramisu, ladyfingers (sweet sponge biscuits) are soaked in cooled hot coffee before being layered between a sweetened mascarpone cream. For an easier, more caffeinated version, dip the ladyfingers directly into cold brew concentrate.

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Greg DuPree


This breakfast smoothie is a genius two-for-one deal: you get to eat your breakfast and drink your coffee all in one. Dilute the concentrate with water and add the cold brew coffee to your smoothie, or dive in head first with just the concentrate for a more intense jolt of caffeine.

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Hector Sanchez


Chocolate and coffee are one of life’s most perfect pairs, and these espresso truffles are certainly no exception. Opt for cold brew concentrate instead of coffee liqueur for a decadent dark chocolate truffle with a hint of coffee flavor.

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