Chicken thighs are the key ingredient in all of these healthy, family-friendly recipes.
chicken thigh recipes

When it comes to weeknight cooking⁠ (or any cooking, really⁠), you might find yourself repeating the same recipes week after week. With busy schedules and countless errands and activities, the last thing anyone wants to do is cook up a complicated, time-consuming dinner, followed by a sink full of dirty dishes.

But making healthy and tasty meals doesn’t have to be such an undertaking. There are so many innovative yet simple recipes containing some of your favorite ingredients, like chicken thighs. Walmart’s Marketside Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs are a wonderful option: the meat comes from chickens that are hatched, raised cage-free and harvested in the USA, and never given antibiotics.

From tacos and protein bowls to hearty soups and stews, boneless skinless chicken thighs are just as versatile as they are delicious. We’ve put together a list of three quick, healthy, and flavorful recipes so you can see how easy it is to create something new and delicious while using simple boneless chicken thighs.

Easy Dinner Recipes: Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs With Salsa Verde
Credit: Jen Causey

1 Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs With Salsa Verde

Want to make a 5-star dinner in just 30-minutes? Try this heavenly chicken thigh recipe that will likely become a monthly staple—Plus, everything can be cooked on one sheet pan! The combination of golden-brown chicken, topped with salsa verde, sweet red onions, and cotija cheese is perfect for spicing up family dinner. You could also serve it at your next girls’ night paired with your favorite sangria recipe.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs With Salsa Verde

Braised Chicken Thighs With Almonds and Raisins
Credit: Roland Bello

2 Braised Chicken Thighs With Almonds and Raisins

If you’re looking to try a new dish, this braised chicken thigh with crunchy almonds and sweet raisins will not disappoint. In just an hour, you can whip up a healthy and satisfying chicken dish made with peeled tomatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh ginger, and fragrant spices like turmeric and cinnamon. This might be the perfect recipe for the next rainy day.

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Spiced Baked Chicken Thigh Kebabs
Credit: Paul Sirisalee

3 Spiced Chicken Kebabs

One of the easiest healthy meals to make is chicken kebabs with grilled vegetables and rice or couscous. The best part is you don’t even need to use a grill, so you can make this dish all year round. Customize these spiced chicken kebabs with your favorite vegetables like zucchini, onion, and peppers. You can even enjoy them with a side of tzatziki or chimichurri sauce.

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