And they’re as easy as 1-2-3.

By Real Simple
March 30, 2017
Credit: Jennifer Causey
Credit: Jennifer Causey

Reinventing the wheel is not our style. But reinventing the peanut butter cookie? That’s something we can get behind. Nutella is sweet enough that you don’t need to add any sugar to the mix, just an egg and some self-rising flour. They’ll bake up craggy and chewy and just slightly nutty. For more texture, try mixing in a handful of chopped toasted hazelnuts.

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Watch a pint of ice cream do double duty in these genius cookies. Some gets mixed with self-rising flour and a bit of butter and the rest gets sandwiched in between the finished cookies. Make these in a few different flavors and colors for a stunningly easy after school treat.

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Credit: Jennifer Causey

Cookie butter might be the best thing that ever happened to us. We love those lightly spiced cookies you get on the airplane (two packs please), so when we found out you could get them in spreadable form we really swooned. Mixed with a bit of self-rising flour and an egg, the butter is transformed back into cookie-form, although this time with a chewy center.

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Credit: Jennifer Causey

Shortbread often has just three ingredients. We swapped the regular all-purpose flour for our favorite granola. Pulverized in the food processor, it acts just like flour to bind butter and a bit of powdered sugar. The sugar’s superfine texture keeps these cookies super tender, even after a second baking.

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Credit: Jennifer Causey

No need to grab that bar at the supermarket check out any more; now you can make this addictively creamy, cookie-filled treat in the comfort of your own kitchen. We always keep a can or two of sweetened condensed milk on hand for just this sort of fudge-making occasion. You’ll thank us later.

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Credit: Jennifer Causey

We’ve made macaroons with many more ingredients than this but I don’t think we’ll be doing that again. All you need are a couple of egg whites, some granulated sugar, and sweetened coconut. They’re so easy to pull together we’ve started keeping a bag of coconut in the freezer at all times.

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