Ever wonder where all those delicious Real Simple recipes get created? Take a walk with food director, Dawn Perry, for a behind the scenes peek at the Real Simple Test Kitchen.

There are 28 kitchen bays, all designed to look and feel like a home kitchen—no fancy gadgets, no special equipment. That ensures the recipes work as well in the test kitchen as they do in yours.

Once the recipes are finalized (tested, perfected, and tested again), it’s time to prepare for those gorgeous photographs. The prop closet is filled with everything you could ever want to cook on, bake in, or eat off of. In every color!

Once on set, food stylists and prop stylists dress up dishes so they look their very best. A drizzle of olive oil here, a sprinkle of salt there: sometimes that’s all it takes to elevate a plate from homely to heavenly.

With a state-of-the-art video studio and outdoor space too, the Real Simple test kitchen is an inspiring place to work, cook, and eat. We hope it inspires you to make something delicious.

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