Real Simple Cooking School

The truth? There’s no real magic to cooking, just some simple know-how. These videos demonstrate the basics.

How to Make Whipped Cream

Does the idea of making freshly whipped cream have you reaching for the canned variety? Nothing beats whipped cream made from scratch, and with the few easy steps in this video―and just two ingredients―you’ll never have to settle for store-bought toppings again.

How to Separate Eggs

If the idea of separating eggs gives you separation anxiety, don’t fear: Do it in three easy steps, as demonstrated in this video.

How to Zest Citrus

Grating the outer peel of lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits releases concentrated flavors that reside in the oils of the fruit’s skin. A little zest goes a long way toward punching up salads, stews, grilled meat, and cocktails. This video shows how to zest like a pro.

How to Cook With Sticky Ingredients

Using ingredients like molasses, honey, or peanut butter can lead to sticky situations―literally. Keep sticky ingredients from clinging to your measuring spoons with the easy trick shown in this video.


More Advanced

How to Slice an Onion

Onions are notorious for making people cry. The reason? Slicing into a bulb releases enzymes, which react with the air to form sulfuric acid that has an immediate tearing effect on our sensitive eyes. The best way to reduce tears is to handle the onion for the shortest time possible, using the quick, efficient slicing method shown in this video.

How to Chop Rosemary and Thyme

Fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme make a world of difference to the flavor of your dishes. This video shows how to prep and chop them, quickly and efficiently.