Caitlin Bensel
Hands-On Time
10 Mins
Total Time
30 Mins
Serves 2

Think of this as a caprese sandwich with a twist. Pepitas (AKA pumpkin seeds) get the mojo treatment: Mojo is a sauce commonly made with garlic, citrus, and olive oil and soaks into the bread as the mozzarella melts. Pepitas are a great source of antioxidants, healthy fats, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Look for the light green ones at your supermarket (they’re shelled!). And if you’ve got a panini press, go ahead and use it.

How to Make It

Step 1

Heat a small skillet over medium. Add pepitas and toast, stirring occasionally, until beginning to pop and darken slightly, about 3 minutes. Set aside to cool 5 minutes.

Step 2

Place orange zest and juice, lime zest and juice, oil, oregano, salt, pepper, garlic, and toasted pepitas in a food processor. Pulse until coarsely ground, about 20 pulses. Allow to stand at room temperature at least 10 minutes or up to 30 minutes.

Step 3

Spread pepita mixture on cut sides of ciabatta rolls. Arrange cheese and arugula evenly over bottom halves of rolls and replace the top halves.

Step 4

Heat a large skillet over medium. Place sandwiches in skillet and cover each with a small piece of aluminum foil. Place a separate heavy skillet on top of sandwiches and press down firmly. Cook, flipping halfway through, until rolls are toasted and cheese starts to melt, 4 to 5 minutes total. Cut sandwiches in half and serve.

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