Great news for anyone who loves a late-night snack. 

Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

Vending machines are often associated with stale, sugary foods—but the latest version may surprise you. Xavier University’s new Pizza ATM delivers piping hot slices to students in just three minutes, 24 hours a day.

The university, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, partnered with French company Paline to install the first pizza vending machine in North America (Paline has been dispensing pizzas via Pizza ATMs in Europe for more than 13 years). And what it serves up is far from warmed up frozen pizza. Xavier employees completed 40 hours of training with a French chef to perfect their dough-tossing and sauce-making skills, according to the Cincinnati Business Courier.

Seventy pre-cooked 12-inch pizzas will go into the machine at a time, and are kept in the ATM’s large refrigerated compartment. After a student selects their desired type of pizza (varieties will rotate based on popularity), the machine will lift the pizza into a convection oven, which cooks the pie at 475°F in a mere 3 minutes. The fresh, hot pizza will then be dropped into a box and delivered to the student through a slot in the machine. The pizzas cost between 9 and 10 dollars, depending on toppings.

In addition to cooking the perfect pizza, the vending machines also notify employees when the machine is running low on pies, and will automatically dispense pizzas using the FIFO Method (first in, first out), so that the oldest pizza is dispensed first, according to Pizza Marketplace. It will also monitor expiration dates.

Because Xavier has the sole rights to certifying new operators in North America, other schools and businesses hoping to get in on the technology will have to be trained at the university. In the meantime, try your hand at our Rainbow Pizza, which we’re willing to bet the ATM isn’t dispensing (for now).