3 Pie Hacks You Need to Know

These tricks will make holiday baking so much easier. 


Crust Crimper

Photo by Aaron Dyer

No time for fancy fluting? Grab a set of tongs and try this simple, kid-friendly hack: After laying the crust into the pie plate, use the top arm of a set of tongs to gently press a half-crescent design onto the edge. Repeat, overlapping slightly, to create a quick scalloped pattern.


Easy Apple Corer

Photo by Melinda Josie

Need to prep apples in a flash? Use a melon baller. The tool’s sharp edge handily scoops out a core.


Crust Protector

Photo by Melinda Josie

Banish over-browned edges with a disposable pie tin. Cut out the bottom and place the ring upside down on top of your crust to shield it during baking.