Get ready to party.


If you thought Valentine’s Day was February’s tastiest holiday, think again. Thursday, Feb. 9 is National Bagel Day, and there’s a new treat from Thomas’ that offers the perfect way to celebrate.

Perhaps best known for their English muffins, Thomas’ also offers an array of pre-packaged grocery store bagels—including traditional bagels, bagel thins, and mini bagels (our personal favorite). Joining the line-up of Plain, Cinnamon Raisin, Blueberry, Whole Wheat, and Whole Grain mini bagels is the Party Cake flavor, which has been released (for a limited time only!) to celebrate next week’s holiday. The bagels, which come in a pack of 10, are currently available at grocery stores nationwide for $3.99, and will be on shelves until mid-May.

The mini treat was a hit among Real Simple staffers, particularly because it tasted as if Funfetti cake mix had been stirred into the bagel. And despite the fact that the bagels are filled with sprinkles, they aren't overly sweet (which we greatly appreciated). In terms of flavor, it's most similar to a Cinnamon Raisin bagel, with sugar in place of cinnamon and sprinkles in place of raisins. Many thought it would be a fun addition to a kid's birthday breakfast, and would taste great toasted with a schmear of cream cheese. We also wouldn't be mad if this was served for breakfast in bed. 

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