Mickey Mouse turns 90 this year, and Oreo is celebrating with limited-edition cookies that are dangerously delicious.


Two American icons meet as Oreo helps Mickey Mouse celebrate his 90th birthday; fortunately for chronic snackers everywhere, the result is so, so good.

The Birthday Cake–flavored cookies feature Oreo’s iconic chocolate cookie with a birthday cake filling, complete with rainbow sprinkles. (The evidence for this is only observational, but as an avid Oreo consumer, I’m willing to bet that the filling is double-stuffed, too.) The cookies have three different Mickey-themed designs: the birthday boy himself, a celebratory party horn, and a 90.

Unlike some of Oreo’s more adventurous (and sometimes confusing) new flavors, this celebratory birthday cake is pretty universally beloved around the Real Simple office. The wafers are the classic chocolate we know and love, and the filling tastes just like the kind of frosting you’d hope for on a birthday cake.

I have had a difficult time resisting them and don’t expect them to last the weekend; our food editor had one and quickly announced she needed them taken away from her, otherwise she’d eat many, many more. Our deputy photo editor compared them to dunkaroos, while other Real Simple editors remarked at how similar they were to the classic Oreo. The general consensus, though, was that they are very, very good.

The special birthday cake Oreos are limited-edition, available while supplies last. You can pick up a pack starting September 24 from retailers across the country. Mickey’s 90th birthday isn’t until November, but there’s no guarantee these delicious treats will stay on store shelves that long.