Satisfaction is: opening a ½ gallon container to reveal the stark clean strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate stripes that constitute Neapolitan.

By Darcy Lenz

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It’s legitimately a struggle for me to dig out that first scoop of ice cream and break the pristine pattern. In the way that rainbow-smattered everything seems to make a lot of people’s brains happy (or so Instagram would suggest), the Neapolitan palette makes mildly obsessive brains–like my own–happy. It is this incredible, yet simple, aesthetic appeal of pastel pink + white + brown, and the classic satiating sweet flavors they represent, that inspired one of our Food Studios recipe developers to mention in passing, “I want to Neapolitan everything.”

To which I said, “Wait. Yes. THAT.”

If it can exist as ice cream, it can exists as anything. As it turns out, it’s easy to take Neapolitan from adjective to action verb–all you need are the right glossy, flavorful Neapolitan Icings.

You’re best bet is to start with a favorite chocolate or vanilla treat, then paint on the appropriate frostings for a wow-worthy, eye-catching Neapolitan makeover. What’s best suited for this so-satisfying color block treatment? Well, let your stomach be your guide… the limits to what will Neapolitan are determined exclusively by your imagination. We played around with:

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