According to Google, these are the most searched for Thanksgiving foods per state. And now we're very hungry.
Thanksgiving dinner plate with sliced turkey, carrots and brussels sprouts
Credit: Mikkel Vang

Ever wonder which Thanksgiving foods everyone is searching for around this time? Thanksgiving is the food holiday of the year, and people have some very serious opinions about the menu. Whether we’re talking about cornbread stuffing purists (me) or the debate whether to stuff the turkey or serve the stuffing on a dish, everyone has something to say about every item on the Thanksgiving table. And if we zoom out of our own family dynamics and traditions, there’s one Thanksgiving food in each state that people really want to know how to make or are looking for the best recipe out there.

Call it dressing or call it stuffing, this side dish is the best part of Thanksgiving to me–and residents of 14 states seem to agree. In Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas, the top Thanksgiving food-related search this year is cornbread dressing. While you may not agree if it's called stuffing or cornbread dressing, we can all agree that residents of these states sure want a stuffing recipe to shine on their Thanksgiving table. Here’s 10 of them.

Some states have their eyes on dessert recipes. Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Ohio want pumpkin pie, while DC is looking for cookies. This no-bake pumpkin pie will make everyone swoon in addition to saving oven space.

It’s looking like Alaska, Connecticut, Maryland, and Montana want to skip the canned cranberry sauce this year and opt for a MIY situation. May we suggest this Cranberry-Lingonberry Sauce that every Thanksgiving plate needs? Wisconsin wants cranberry salad, specifically, and Washington and Utah just really want salad. Here are 10 Fresh Fall Salads that will look as great on a Thanksgiving table as they taste.

Florida and Georgia are the only states craving green bean casserole, and Iowa just wants any casserole–as long as it's tasty like these casserole recipes.

A lot of states want veggies on the table. Kentucky, Missouri, and Oregon are looking for sweet potato recommendations, while South Carolina residents know they like their sweet potatoes in casserole form. Massachusetts and New Hampshire want butternut squash, and Virginia is looking for green bean ideas. Wyoming wants carrots, specifically roasted, and families in South Dakota will be serving corn. Pennsylvania and Vermont are open to suggestions, searching for vegetables as a whole (may we suggest this Make-Ahead Holiday Salad?). Creamed corn counts a veggie, right California? New Yorkers, New Jersyites, Nevadans want soup, but it's fair to say a lot of Thanksgiving soup recipes feature veggies.

There are five states that caught me by surprise. Arizona is searching for ham recipes (maybe getting ahead and thinking Christmas?), Delaware is searching for “keto brisket,” Louisiana is looking for chicken soup, you'll be seeing punch bowls in North Dakota, and Hawaii wants to whip up stone soup.

Notice anything missing? Turkey!West Virginia is the only state with a top Google search of “roast turkey.” Is no one making turkey this year or are we all just creatures of habit and making it the same way as every other year? In case you’re still looking for a turkey recipe, this Pepperoni-Butter Turkey and Gravy yields juicy results and it’s incredibly delicious. That one is for you, too, Maine, since you’re searching turkey gravy and all.

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No matter what you’re cooking this year, gather around, share some food, and give thanks.