And it’s from your favorite restaurants, too.

By Grace Elkus
March 29, 2016
Claudia Totir/Getty Images

If you’re not keen on brown-bagging it, but spend too much money eating out, a new lunch concept called MealPass might be just what you need. The company, which launched in Miami and Boston in January, kicked off service in New York City today, with 130 participating restaurants (and counting).

The service joins UberEATS, Seamless, and a handful of other companies in the fight to simplify the process of enjoying local restaurant eats for lunch, but MealPass is unique in that it's focused on bringing down the price. Members will pay a monthly introductory fee of $99, and if they use the service every weekday, they’ll be paying less than $5 for every meal, according to their website.

The menus become available at 7 p.m. the evening before, and members must make their selection by 9:30 a.m. the day-of, Eater reports. Each restaurant will offer one lunch option every day. When lunchtime rolls around, participants skip the line and pick up their meal—sans the exchange of money.

If the concept (or the name) sounds familiar, it’s because the company was started by Mary Biggins, co-founder of ClassPass, which offers members access to a variety of fitness clubs and classes for a flat monthly price. Waiting for MealPass to come to your city? Check out our tips on how to avoid a costly restaurant bill, as well as how to save money at the grocery store.