It’s shockingly simple.

By Heath Goldman
May 19, 2017
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Want to make the birthday girl bubble with joy? If she’s a seltzer kind of lady, chances are she’s obsessed with La Croix, the colorful canned sparkling water. Well, we’d argue most people are. That’s why Studio DIY had the brilliant idea to make a La Croix layer cake.

Aside from how adorable and realistic it is, the cake is actually super simple to make. We find this quite refreshing in a world of gorgeous but super complicated rainbow and unicorn cakes.

Creating the cake is almost as easy as making a regular layer cake, only you’re piling on a few more layers—five layers to be precise. You’ll need four 6-inch round cake pans and one 5-inch round cake pan.

To make the top of the can, you’re asked to melt black and white candy melts. Available on Amazon, they’re ideal for decorating cakes because they melt perfectly and solidify afterwards, no tempering necessary. Mix the colors together to create gray, and, here’s the fun part, pour it into an aluminum pie pan. When it sets and you unmold it, the results will be textured just like the top of a soda can.

Have we piqued your interest yet? You can make one too! Head over to Studio DIY for a full recipe. Bonus points for finding out her favorite flavor and customizing the icing colors so they match.