Healthy meals are hard to come by in college, so send your kid off to school with these affordable tools that make it fun and easy to cook instead of ordering takeout every night.

By Sari Kamp
August 08, 2018

College is filled with friends, parties, and studying, so finding the time—or motivation—to cook a healthy meal can be a challenge. As a college student myself, I know this struggle first hand. Cooking in dorms can be done (hello, microwave!), but it's difficult, messy, and not always worth the effort. However, a lot of colleges now have apartment-style living, or even let students live in off-campus apartments after a year or two in a dorm.

If your child is going to have access to a kitchen, it's tempting for him or her use it just for things like boxed macaroni and cheese (which can be spiced up many ways!) and frozen pizza. Lucky for you, the kitchen tools below can encourage your kid to think outside the box. They might even be tempted to prepare easy, healthy meals on the regular.

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