Make these keto chicken recipes, stat.

By Ananda Eidelstein
April 02, 2018
Technically, this recipe uses two sheet pans: but it’s worth it. You'll use one to roast the veggies until they're tender and lightly charred, and the other to cook the chicken, which finishes under the broiler for golden brown, crispy skin. Get the Recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs With Fennel and Shallots
| Credit: Greg DuPree

If you’re thinking about the ketogenic (or “keto”) diet or are already on it, you’ll want to grab ahold of these keto chicken recipes. The keto diet is where you focus on eating foods high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. The idea is that by cutting the carbs your body uses for energy, eventually it will switch over to burning fat for fuel instead (a process known as ketosis.) Unfortunately, it does take a toll on your body, inducing something known as the “keto flu”, which is exactly what it sounds like. Interested in knowing more? Here’s all you need to know about the ketogenic diet plan and a detailed guide for beginners. Decided it’s the diet for you, but not sure what to eat? We made it easy for you and hand-picked some of our favorite keto chicken recipes. You’ll keep coming back to these again and again.

Credit: Jennifer Causey


The key to this juicy chicken is roasting it nice and slow. Roast it, have some for dinner, and keep leftovers to build a keto-friendly lunch.

Get the recipe: Slow-Roasted Lemon Herb Chicken

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Chicken thighs get pounded into the thinness of cutlets and in turn, they cook faster than they originally would. And zucchini is low in carbs so a go-to keto diet vegetable.

Get the recipe: Chicken Thigh Cutlets With Zucchini, Celery, and Olive Salad

Credit: Greg DuPree


Let your oven do most of the cooking here. The fennel and peppers caramelize slightly since they cook on a different sheet pan than the chicken thighs, resulting in tons of flavor to match the crispy skin on the thighs.

Get the recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs With Fennel and Shallots

Credit: Greg Dupree


Crispy chicken thighs paired with a rosemary-garlic sauce is the ultimate definition of delicious. Learn the technique from stove top to oven and your weeknight dinner routine will be forever changed.

Get the recipe: Rosemary-Garlic Chicken Thighs

Credit: Kate Mathis


Swap the pistachios here for almonds, walnuts, or sunflower seeds and you’ve got an easy keto chicken recipe on hand for grilling season. It’ll be a go-to.

Get the recipe: Grilled Chicken Legs and Broccoli with Pistachio-Herb Sauce.