5 Recipes That Use Time-Saving Frozen Puff Pastry

Many of these dishes will come in handy this holiday season.

If you're looking for some cooking hacks this holiday season (and beyond), consider stocking up on some puff pastry. While this ingredient (which you can buy frozen in sheets at the grocery store or make yourself) can obviously be used to make everything from a plum tart to a batch of cinnamon rolls, it's also versatile enough to shine in other dishes, including several savory favorites.

For example, puff pastry can be used as a hassle-free topper for an easy take on chicken pot pie, which is basically the quintessential winter dish, or the base of a vegetable tart with bold and spicy red curry paste.

And if you're looking for some time-trimming kitchen shortcuts this holiday season, puff pastry is the key to a myriad of holiday-approved appetizers, main courses (including breakfast!), and, of course, plenty of desserts.

Keep reading to find out how this inexpensive supermarket staple can save you time this holiday season, and don't shy away from using these recipes after the holidays!

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Fancy Pigs in a Blanket

Super Bowl Snacks: Pigs in a Blanket
Use frozen puff pastry to make these addictive, crowd-pleasing snacks. Get the recipe: Pigs in a Blanket. Quentin Bacon

Whether hosting a holiday party or getting ready for game day, you can't go wrong with pigs in a blanket. This "fancy" and homemade take on the classic appetizer uses store-bought sausage (feel free to pick your favorite kind) and frozen puff pastry to create an undoubtable crowd-pleaser in 30 minutes.

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Pizza Croissants

Pizza Croissants

As you may have guessed, this recipe merges pizza and croissants (courtesy of frozen puff pastry) to create a decadent dish that's bound to be a hit whenever you serve it. The result is a buttery, flaky version of pizza filled with marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni slices that, dare we say it, might just be better than the real deal.

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Red Curry Veggie Tart

Red Curry Veggie Tart Recipe
Greg DuPree

If you're looking for a recipe that says "I spent hours in the kitchen perfecting this," but really only takes a fraction of that time to throw together, we've found it. This spicy vegetarian tart features a frozen puff pastry base paired with frozen vegetables (another shortcut!), coconut milk, and red curry paste.

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Quick and Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Quick and Easy Chicken Pot Pie
Jennifer Causey

For a comforting meal everyone will love, use frozen puff pastry to throw together a tasty chicken pot pie. The hearty dish, which is the perfect weeknight winter meal, is made with a frozen vegetable blend and a rotisserie chicken. It gets its creaminess from a filling combination of heavy whipping cream and chicken broth and is ready in about 30 minutes.

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Cinnamon Rolls

Betty Gold

Sure, you can buy packaged cinnamon rolls and pop 'em in the oven or spend hours making the delicate dough from scratch, but if neither of those options sounds appealing, you could use frozen puff pastry instead. By using the frozen dough, you're elevating those supermarket cinnamon rolls without spending half your day in the kitchen. The best part? You're left with a batch of tasty treats after just 30 minutes.

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