This new snack has a 95% customer approval rating—here's when it's coming to your local store.

By Nora Horvath
Updated May 10, 2018

For many fans, the best part of schlepping to IKEA is the snack break you inevitably take mid-trip. That break is about to get even more interesting for some, thanks to a new menu item coming soon: vegan hot dogs topped with fried onions and pickled cabbage. Customers who have already tried the snack at the company's Malmö, Sweden, location,give it a 95% approval rating, according to VegNews.

According to IKEA, the vegan hot dog idea came about from the challenge to develop a product as loved as their classic hot dog, but that was healthy and had a positive impact on the planet.

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This is not the first vegan-friendly menu item that IKEA has introduced in recent years. In 2015, they introduced a plant-based alternative to their Swedish meatballs. The hot dogs will be available in all European locations starting in August, but availability in the US might be as late as 2019. “We do anticipate that the veggie dog will be offered in the US,” Peter Ho, IKEA US Range and Product Developer told the Press Herald. The main roadblock—finding a US-based distributor for the product.