James Baigrie

Why plastic? It forms an airtight, spillproof parcel, so sandwiches don’t come apart (as in a plastic bag) or dry out (as in paper), says Daniel Capra, executive chef at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering, in Emeryville, California.
 Step 1
Tear off a piece of wrap about 14 inches long and put the sandwich in the middle of it. Fold the end closest to you up and over the sandwich, pulling it down over the far edge to secure everything firmly.
 Step 2
Holding the sandwich by its sides, flip it away from you once, bringing the bottom face-up (make sure you have enough wrap to cover the sandwich entirely after you flip it).
 Step 3
Press the excess plastic on the right side together and fold it tightly over the top of the sandwich, pulling the flap snug and pressing down gently so it sticks. Do the same on the left side. Flip it over once more; gravity will help the seal stay tight.

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