Layer cakes are at the top of a Southern baker’s list of culinary achievements. Avoid these snags so you can create a stunning masterpiece.

By Patricia S. York
October 19, 2016

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If there were a college curriculum in Learning How To Be a Southern Cook, the Senior-level class would be on Baking Stately Layer Cakes. Along with the ability to turn out moist pound cakes, juicy fruit cobblers, and savory chicken casseroles, a Southern baker measures her culinary value on the height and straight sides of her layer cakes. Producing such perfection takes trial and error, many lop-sided cakes, and perhaps even a few tears. But with patience and practice, you can acquire the talent to create such stunning and show-stopping desserts. To get started, choose one of these delicious layer cake recipes, have the proper sized pans and quality ingredients on hand, and start baking. Check out our tips below and you might soon find assembling a layer cake isn’t as daunting as it looks.

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