Our Favorite Way to Stock Up on Healthy Snacks for Easy and Elegant Entertaining

When it comes to throwing holiday parties, we strive for effortless elegance—light on the stress and heavy on the sparkle. Our secret? Spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the market, corralling deliciously healthy pantry goods to use for making stylish drinks, snacks and sweets. One of our go-to online sources is Thrive Market.

We partnered with Thrive Market, which sells natural products at wholesale prices and delivers them straight to your door, and used a provided gift card to try their collection of snacks. Along the way, we found all sorts of hip and nourishing treats to use for both planned and impromptu holiday parties as well as everyday eating. (Added bonus: through 2/13/18, get $60 of free organic grocery credits and free shipping!) Read below to see the five Thrive Market products we turn to to help us ace our holiday parties with plenty of energy left to enjoy the fun.

Non-GMO Sardines in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Photo by thrivemarket.com

Rich in flavor—and in vitamins, healthy fats and protein—these sustainably caught sardines make an elegant and flavorful topping for crostini. Spread your toasts with a little butter, then top with the drained sardines, and chopped fresh parsley tossed with lemon juice, olive oil, and a pinch of salt and red pepper flakes.

To buy: $2.19; thrv.me.

Organic Dried Apricots

Photo by thrivemarket.com

Sweet, chewy and subtly tart, these naturally sweet fruits are perfect for dressing up a cheese plate. Try pairing them with rich cheeses, like brie, blue, and aged cheddar.

To buy: $4.99; thrv.me.

Organic Sprouted Popcorn

Photo by thrivemarket.com

Toss bowls of this crunchy, gluten-free treat with good-quality sea salt and a trendy seasoning, like za’atar or chili powder.

To buy: $3.45; thrv.me.

Organic Cinnamon Sticks

Photo by thrivemarket.com

Cinnamon sticks make a delicious warming addition to hot cider and tea as well as warm mulled wine and other cozy cocktails. Use them to flavor your beverages and as a garnish for a festive finishing touch.

To buy: $2.95; thrv.me.

Organic Dark Chocolate Almonds

Photo by thrivemarket.com

Little bowls filled with these dark chocolate enrobed almonds make a snazzy dessert that’s decadent, but also jam-packed with nutrients and minerals (dark chocolate offers a good dose of heart-healthy antioxidants, like flavanols, and almonds are a great source of calcium, protein and vitamin E). Plus they’re pretty, crunchy and sweet.

To buy: $14.95; thrv.me.