How do the cupcakes and brownies hold up to the original cookies?

By Grace Elkus and Liz Steelman
July 01, 2016

When Pillsbury recently announced they were bringing Girl Scout Cookie-inspired baking mixes to grocery store shelves, the Internet exploded with excitement. We couldn’t wait to bring back the childhood memories that come with our favorite cookie flavors. So a few Real Simple staffers grabbed a box of Thin Mint brownies and cupcakes, as well as blondies and cupcakes inspired by Samoas (the caramel and coconut treat known to some as Caramel Delights). Here’s what we thought:

The mixes were really simple to make, but the outcome didn't quite live up to the legendary cookies. Some mixes were better than others–we thought the Thin Mints varieties were the best stand-in overall to the original. If you’re looking for a fill of your favorite flavors until that order form floats by, these will do the trick. Put a couple of boxes in your cart for an easy, crowd-pleasing bake sale contribution.

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