Delivery food service, DoorDash, takes a deep-dive into maternity ward delivery.

By Ananda Eidelstein
May 11, 2018

Cravings are not surprising when eating for two, but what are new moms craving the most after giving birth? Surely, not hospital food after all that spent energy delivering a little human. DoorDash, a food delivery service, has seen deliveries to maternity wards grow by 1,500% since Mother’s Day 2014. They did a coast to coast deep-dive into what new moms crave post-delivery and it’s, well, delicious. And of course, celebratory.

Nationwide, Pad Thai takes the top spot in delivery to the maternity ward. Followed by french fries, fried rice, wings, and chips and guac. Pizza is the most popular food ordered in Boston, while in Los Angeles, it’s sushi from Sugarfish, and it looks like New York has a sweet tooth post-delivery with Momofuku Milk Bar taking reign.

But since a new birth calls for a celebration, a 6-pack of beer is also fair game. “Call when by emergency room. Just had a baby and need to celebrate! :raised_hands:” (yes, these are real instructions from a delivery order to the maternity ward!).

Friends of new parents also have the right idea by sending delivery to the maternity ward, “Please wish this family congratulations! These are our dear friends and they just had a baby :)” (another real message).

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Know a new mom and would like to surprise her with food that’s indulgent like delivery, but homemade instead? Try this easy Tofu Fried Rice or bring a bag of chips along with this super easy guacamole.