Go beyond the glossy, picture-perfect images to see food as it should be—imperfect and fun. Join Time Inc. food editors as they bring a much-needed dose of reality to a food-obsessed nation. Share your photos with us using #FoodIRL.
Spilled cereal bowl and milk
Credit: Steven Errico/Getty Images

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our food life were actually like our Instagram food life? Perfectly composed dishes, impeccably stylish cookware, nothing ever burnt, and no apron ever stained? Here’s a little secret—our food life is as messy as yours. The Time Inc. food editors are ready to share what their meals really look like.

Today, we’re launching @Food_IRL, an Instagram community for people who love food—but who also want to see how the sausage is made, so to speak. We’ll show you the #nofilter secrets of the Time Inc. food world, and feature real moments from your favorite editors at Cooking Light, Real Simple, My Recipes, Health, Food & Wine, and Extra Crispy.

With Thanksgiving only days away, visit @Food_IRL daily to remind yourself that not all lattice crust pies have perfectly even layers, and even the savviest cooks burn something when prepping a massive meal. In turn, we promise to feature only honest moments from our test kitchens, our shopping carts, and our weeknight dinners.

Tag your own unfiltered food moments at #FoodIRL, and together, we’ll create a comforting, funny, and most of all, real community around mealtime.